Our Special Friend Willow Needs a Furever Home

Willow an adoptable Tortie cat

Meet Willow. A Tortoise-Shell colored Kitty.
Female • born approx. Aug 2009.

PetfriendlyPDX considers Willow our special friend because we had found her abandoned at Vancouver Lake. She was just waiting for someone to pick her up and bring her home. Furry Friends made room for her and we are grateful knowing that she is in good care. But she is ready to be part of a permanent home that will love her forever and of course never abandon her. Her new home needs to be comfortable with an independent kitty who likes affection on her own terms. Because she can be uncomfortable being handled by strangers she doesn’t get to meet many prospective adopters. So we hope seeing this will give you a reason to meet her.

Willow will describe herself as follows… I am a tortoise-shell colored kitty and like calico kitties, that entitles me to live up to the stereotype of being independent, aloof and anti-social with other felines, which is a good thing since I really don¹t like other cats. They get in my personal space, they eat my food, and they take away the attention I should be getting. I don’t mind being petted on my head and shoulders sometimes, in fact it feels pretty good, but anywhere else on my body is getting too personal. I like to play sometimes. Strings and feathers can be entertaining. I will sit on your lap if you let me and I don’t require much, regular food is really great, a soft and warm bed is super and a big window to feel the sun and watch the birds would be like winning the lottery.

Click [ HERE ] to learn more about Willow.

To meet Willow or any of the cats and kittens available for adoption, please review the procedures and download an application available at the Furry Friends website.

Furry Friends is a no-kill organization whose mission is to help homeless, abandoned, and abused pets. They also provide assistance to seniors helping them to keep their life-long companions. All cats and kittens available from Furry Friends are tested for feline leukemia virus, FIV, are AVID chipped, given currently required vaccinations, and are free of ear mites, worms, and fleas.

Please note that featured animals are subject to prior adoption.


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