Need a Lil Bit of Love?

Lil Bit Adoptable RabbitMeet Lil Bit
6-7Months Old • Adult • Male

Lil Bit is a 7 or 8 month old neutered male. He’s calm and friendly, but reserved in his play as he doesn’t like to get far from his pen, even though he is given the opportunity every day. He has shared a room with an older neutered male Hotot for several months and they seem to like each other’s company, but are not bonded. Lil Bit might do well in a home with older children. He has had no exposure to other animals, although there are cats in the home.

You can arrange to meet us or learn more by contacting his foster home:

Click [ HERE ] to learn more about Lil Bit and the Rabbit Advocate organization.

Rabbit Advocate adoptable rabbits are fostered in the homes of volunteers. Because the rabbits live as members of a family, they can provide useful information about any rabbit that you considering adopting. This includes info on the rabbit’s personality, current diet, favorite treats and toys, and the answers to other questions you may have.

For more information or to fill out a pre-adoption application please check their link

Please note that featured animals are subject to prior adoption.


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