Got Pet Hair? We love this Gadget!

power paw vacuum toolGot pets? Then you probably have pet hair! I vacuum and clean regularly. And yet I always find pet hair in places I don’t think of, and some I do.

One place I need to be really vigilant about is our bed quilt. The cat curls up with us at night but my husband has allergies so I need to keep the hair to a minimum. What’s a mom to do? Wash the quilt every week? I think not!!

The other challenges are the hems of curtains where the cat runs behind and out again. And our bed skirt where our dog keeps going under the bed and out again.

So here is my trick…This small and relatively inexpensive little gadget that attaches to my vacuum hose. It has a rotating brush that pulls up the hair, but doesn’t suck in the fabric of the bedding or curtains. Truly my go to gadget for housecleaning with pets!! It’s inexpensive enough to be a stocking stuffer for your pet-loving friend, or just something to add to your own tool set: Power Paw Vacuum Tool

Our bedskirt full of hair from our dog Turk.
The Power Paw in action. Beats stripping the bed doing laundry!
All clean! Next up the draperies and our quilt where our cat sleeps.

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